Tuesday, May 24, 2011

आमची ही एक अशी ’विश्रब्ध शारदा’ भाग १०

इ-मेल्स थांबायला तयार नव्हते. येतच होते, येतच होते. त्यातलेच हे काही.......नमुने.......

From: kapadnisev@gmail.com

Dear Sir,
I have come to know that 'Chinha' is going to publish special issue of Chinha on ‘Nudity’ glorifying Husain. Also history of the ‘nude’ pictures will be published in this issue. The topic related to nude pictures of Hindu Deities drawn by Hindu-hater Husain is also going to be touched upon and there will be discussions on ‘Decency and vulgarity’. 

I would like to bring your attention that M F Husain has drawn nude paintings of highly revered Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata. I protest lawfully against 'Chinha', so that you should not publish special issue of Chinha on ‘Nudity’ glorifying Husain.
He has been accused of outraging religious sentiments, promoting enmity between different religious groups, selling obscene material and disturbing National integrity, thereby committing offences under several sections of the Indian Penal Code. He has also been accused of committing offenses under section 2 of the prevention of Insults to National Honour Act.
Mr. Husain’s deliberate targeting of Hindu Holy symbols for depicting in perverse ways, Hindus would strongly protest this exhibition glorifying his works.
Further please note that the Mumbai Police Special Branch is investigating the matter and appropriate action would be taken against M. F. Hussein in due course. The proposed Roopdhar award 2006, Raja Ravi Varma Award, auction of his Rs 6 crores painting by Khushi Foundation at the Turf Club and others have been cancelled and his paintings from various exhibitions are being removed due to large number of protests throughout India.
We request you to immediately stop the special issue of Chinha on ‘Nudity’ glorifying Husain who is with immoral and criminal. You are requested not to publish such a sissue hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.

Thank You.
Chetan Kapadnis
From: siddheshmunj@yahoo.co.in

I strongly condemn your initiative and plan of Providing praise to Anti- hindu M F Husain thru Magazine 'Chinha'. M F Husain has denigrated Motherearth BHARAT MATA and many Hindu goddess thru his painting.
 If you are so fond of apprising such Anti nation person then also get such nude paintings of your own Mother, sisters and other family women and then praise M F Husain.
Such Anti Hindu initiatives by you not be good for image of your Magazine in Society. STOP THIS INITIATIVE URGENTLY.

Thank You. 
Siddhesh Munj

From: Kedar Trivedi [kedar0123@yahoo.co.in]

Dear Chinha members & Mr Satish Naik,

What kind of justise is this Mr Naik?
Can you please explain why have you attempted to even think like this?
There are so many beauties, artist in the world to show it in your special issue.  
I do not request to do satyagrah, kill or to do anything against this painter. He has done things wrong and he will get for it from the God.
Just one simple request you not to support this kind of person who is also a "kalank" to his own culture/religion.
With Best of Luck for all your editions,
May god bless you with better thoughts and actions,

Thank You. 

 Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah. (-RIG VEDA)
"Let noble Thoughts come to me from all directions."

From: Tushar Aneyrao [drkredsight1@gmail.com]

I read about your upcoming magzine on nude art in which you are going to publish Nude photographs of M. F. Hussain who had drawn nude of Hindu god's. I suggest you to not to do such things and change your view about art. If you publish any pictures of M. F. Hussain which are nude and of any god then our religious feelings will get hurt.
I will also like to remind you that M.F.Hussain is already banned to come in India  as he had hurt religious sentiments.
Thanks & Regards,

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