Saturday, May 21, 2011

आमची ही एक अशी ’विश्रब्ध शारदा’ भाग ८

इ-मेल्स थांबायला तयार नव्हते. येतच होते, येतच होते. त्यातलेच हे काही.......नमुने.......

From: K.Vyas []

I strongly protest against magazine which you are planing to publish. Respect the Hindu gods and culture of Hindus .
i hope my comment will be valuable to you as Indian I feel Mr. M.F.Hussein is criminal of our BHARAT-MAA. and if you promote these xxxxx then their will be no meaning for journalism in our great great India.
so don't publish this magazine and feel proud to be The Indian.

Thank you.

From: Shashidar Shashi []

Namaskar  is  very  respectable  word  in our  Bharath   culture  &  Hindu Dharma.But  you are  Chinha magazine and Mr.Naik is  not  have  ability to respect. 

Mr. Naik  you are  Insulting  Hindu Dharma  and Hindu god and  Bharath Maatha.. You  support  to  criminal work , now you are  also  Dharma  Drohi  and  Desh  are  definetly  go for  Jail  or  hang.....WE are  all  Original  Hindus  lawfully  protest  your  UNLESS  paper and  You.. If MF.Husain  paint Nude Picture your  Wife  and  your  daughter, would you forgive him ????????

karnataka , Bharath

From: Paras V. Bhanushali []
                   We on behalf of Hindu Group, demand immediate halt to glorification of MF Hussain or his paintings by your website. MF Hussain is anti hindu and has painted many derogatory and nude paintings of our GODs & GODDESSes. By doing this he has insulted us and all the Hindus of this world. We condemn his acts and demand immediate apology and halt to glorification of such an useless person.
                  Imagine we doing the same with your deities be it Allah or Crist or any other. Thus its an request and demand to stop glorifying such people who create nuisance in society which is religiously sensitive. 
                  We love our religion as much as you love your mother. Thus do not insult our religion by glorifying such people.
                   We will await your reply on this.

HJS Group.

For money you are glorifying xxxx hussain. Shit, shame on your self. You pigs dont fit to be Hindu. Shame on your self.

xxxx hussain need to hanged near India gate, then only this xxxx learn. We should throw stones at you like other religion do. I knwo peace not working here.

Thank You. 

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