Tuesday, May 10, 2011

आमची ही ’विश्रब्ध शारदा’

आणि नंतर सुरू झाला तो ’मेल्स’ धडाका.
फोन तर येतच होते. एक फोन कमी पडेल म्हणून 
दुसर्‍यावरही फोन येऊ लागले.
एस एम एस नी तर इनबॉक्स भरू लागला. 
हे सारं कमी झालं म्हणून की काय पोस्ट कार्डस् ही येऊ लागली. त्याचाच हा वानोळा.......

From:  Shekhar [shekhar.chandra658@gmail.com]
To: editor@chinha.in

Dear Mr. Editor,
It is requested not to publish the above stated article in ur prestigious magazine. I personally feel that it would be an anti national article and it is not supposed to be published in ur magazine.

An Indian

From: s. gonesh [biber38@hotmail.de]
To: editor@chinha.in

Dear  Mister  Satish  Naik,
Are  you  trying  to  glorifying  the  animal  Husain,  who  hasshown  no  respect  towards  the  Hindu  religion.  Do  thesepeople  have  any  civilization?  I  believe,  you  are  or  wasonce  a  Hindu.  And  now  you  became  a  traitor  of  the  cultureand  religion  of  peaceful  Bharat.  Isn´t  time  for  you  to  quit   our  special  coun try?   Have  you  any  knowledge  of  whatthe  muslims  intruders  did  to  the  Hindus?  Half  of  delhi  wasonce  sold  as  slaves  to  the  arabs.  They  where  killed  and  robbed.And  you  are  in  favour  of  the  socalled  Husain  a  dog  in  person?Be  clever  if  you  want  to  respect  your  mother  and  father  andtheir  holy  country  Bharat.  If  not  quit  India,  go  to  the   Arabs.
With  greetings.


From: Rajeev Khurana [rajeev@scanglobal.com]

Dear Mr. Editor in chief,

being a civil citizen i oppose the ur working with Anti-Hindu minded Hussian ,
plz dont hurt our sentiments .

Rajeev Khurana


  1. “Because of a lack of Art education, children are not able to make distinctions. I think it's a chronic problem.”

  2. सर्व वाचतोय. पण ह्यावर अजून तुम्ही काहीच प्रतिक्रिया दिलेली नाही आहे.... :)

  3. Why is this nations belief in Gods and religion that they believe in so fragile that a mere article can hurt it and hinder the national integration? you guys infact make a painting more valuable by discussing so much over it.... I just hope this brigade of hurtful Indians like the true Bharatiya Mister Gonesh, Mr. shekhar chandra aka an Indian the hurtful Rajeev Khuranaji dont find the sculptors of Khajuraho..or else they'l expel even them or their graves from the country....