Wednesday, May 11, 2011

आमची ही एक अशी ’ विश्रब्ध शारदा ’! भाग - २

’सनातन प्रभात’ हे वृत्तपत्र आणि ’हिंदू जनजागृती समिती’चं संकेतस्थळ यांनी ’चिन्ह’ विषयी गैरसमज पसरवणार्‍या बातम्या प्रसिध्द केल्याबरोबर
’चिन्ह’वर अक्षरश: पत्रांचा मारा झाला. त्यातली आणखी तीन पत्रं. अनावश्यक प्रसंग ओढवू नये म्हणून त्यातील आक्षेपार्ह शब्द वगळले आहेत.

From: Raghunandana Bharadwaaj []
Dear Editor,
At the outset, let me clarify to you that I am neither a member of any Hindu Groups nor an active activist belonging to any of the “Parivar”. I am writing this as a responsible citizen of the great nation, who is opposed to any kind of favors shown purely based on one’s religion.
Yes, you may publish the so called “Artistic Works” by MF Hussein depicting the Hindu Gods in their birthday suits! You are welcome to do that. I absolutely agree that we are a democracy, where, right to express one’s opinion is guaranteed under the constitution & nobody should object to it.  But, at the same time, you have to be equally careful& responsible so as to, not to hurt the religious sentiments of the followers of other religions. Under the pretext of freedom of expression, you can’t publish something, which grossly blasphemy!
At the same time, are you bold & courageous enough to publish the cartoons, which was originally published by a Danish Paper / Magazine & which created lots of unrest & protests across the globe? I would bet! You would not do it, even in your wildest of dreams or imagination! So, don’t be irresponsible like a politician, who follows the policy of appeasement and double standards, while dealing with various sections of the people. Have one standard & yardstick for all. Be not selective!
Just because Hindus meekly accept any humiliation heaped on them, don’t try to take advantage of their cowardice, for even a rank coward may turn aggressive, if he is pushed to the wall too much & too far!!
Raghunandana Bharadwaaj
Deputy Manager – Accounts
SPAN Infotech

From: Vikas Kshirsagar  []
If i could allow to Kill that Baster M. F. Hussain I will kill him and Pay a tribute to the Hindus. 
Hopefully some one would do this and do this to all the others "******" like him.
vikas Kshirsagar  

From: Ranita Ray []

 The Editor,
 Do you have no feelings for the sentiments of hindus???? 
You may act dumb and deaf but you are aware what Husain has done. Is the lure of money so much that you can trample on the feelings of hindus.
 Shame on you buggers.

Ranita Ray

( ही पत्रं आम्ही आमच्या ब्लॉगवर प्रसिध्द करीत आहोत याचा अर्थ त्यात व्यक्त झालेल्या
मतांशी आम्ही सहमत आहोत असा समज कृपया कुणी करून घेऊ नये.)

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