Monday, May 23, 2011

आमची ही एक अशी ’विश्रब्ध शारदा’ भाग ९

इ-मेल्स थांबायला तयार नव्हते. येतच होते, येतच होते. त्यातलेच हे काही.......नमुने.......


The Editor and Team,
My name is Shekhar, an Artist.
I am a regular viewer of ur website,
This site is very useful for the Artists and people fond of Art.  
Just now i came across the news, about Publishing of special issue on M.F. Hussain by you people.
Its very pathetic that, you people are glorifying that weird person, who reflects anti-nationalist instincts under the name of Art.  
How can you do such awful work despite knowing:
Hussain has drawn many nude painting of religious deities and Bharat maa?
Many cases are pending on him for hurting religious sentiments?
Would you people like, if next time, Hussain Paints Nude painting of your Editor's wife's or Mother's nude painting, under the name Art???
Kindly take back ur pathetic decision of glorifying Hussain- the Black spot on Artist community

Thank You.

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is in reference to your attempt to glorify a person who is anti Hindu in his paintings wherein he has drawn nude pictures of Hindu gods and godessess. Kindly refrain from eugolising M.F.Hussain which would be wrong on your part and because you will be part and parcel in this vilifying campaign of Mr M.F.Hussain whose only objective is to malign Hindu Gods and Godessess.
Its a sincere request , As no body would like to see their Gods and Godesses insulted.

Murlidhar Kamath

Mr. Satish Naik , Executive Editor ‘Chinha’, 
I came to know that you are planning to publish special issue on ‘Nudity’ glorifying Husain.

I am sure that you are aware of the fact that the same Mr. M F Husain has denigrated Hindu deities Saraswati, Bharatmata by painting them nude. He has badly hurt the feelings of the entire Hindu community with his acts.
Painting nudity is indecent and in bad taste from common people's perspective and to painting deities nude is evil.
Hence I request you not to go ahead with publishing of this issue. 

Thanks and regards 
Jyoti Jape


dear sir,
i came to know that a special issue of ‘Chinha’ magazine on ‘nudity’ is going to be published soon. There will be articles glorifying anti-Hindu painter M F Husain in the periodical. The topic related to nude pictures of Hindu Deities drawn by Hindu-hater Husain is hurting religious sentiments of Hindus. he has drawn nude pictures of Bharatmata (mother india). is it a way to look at our mother? 
you are requested not to glorifying anti-Hindu painter M F Husain's paintings. 

Thanking you.

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